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Robot cleaners purchased from are covered with 1 year manufacturer's warranty, plus exclusive 1 year extended warranty. 

Products supplied by other sellers will not be serviced

If your robot vacuum cleaner stopped working or is malfunctioning, please send us email to with the following details:

  1. Your order ID/Copy of warranty card/Invoice copy

  2. Photo of serial number sticker (located under dustbox)

  3. Your shipping address with pin code, contact number and your name

  4. Describe the issue and send photos/video showing the nature of the issue

When we receive email with above details


  1. We verify that product was purchased from our company

  2. We may contact you to specify the issue and request additional information to determine the preliminary cause of the issue

  3. If there are signs that the issue is caused by manufacturing defect, we will arrange courier pick up from any location in India.
    All you need to do is safely pack the robot cleaner to the box and hand it over to the courier.

    Customers are also welcome to come in-person and drop off robot vacuum cleaner for repair at our new service center in Bengaluru. We are located at:
    Ground Floor, No 151, Renaissance HVV Valley, Survey No 43, Jalahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560015

    Please only visit with a request made in advance. Click here to go to requests page


  4. When we receive product at our service center in Bengaluru (shipping takes 3-5 days, depends on customer location), we inspect and diagnose the robot cleaner to determine the reason of the issue:

  • if manufacturing defect found and it is a minor issue (minor part replacement is required), we will repair it and ship product back by courier (shipping takes 3-5 days, depends on customer location)​

  • if manufacturing defect found and it is major issue (main processor replacement is required), we will provide you replacement of whole unit (shipping takes 3-5 days, depends on customer location).

Please notice that warranty service will be rejected or only paid service is provided, if we find that robot cleaner stopped working or malfunctioning due to these reasons:

Misuse, Physical damage, Exposure to heat, cold, water and other liquids, Burnt parts, Unauthorized servicing and repair, Product was partly or fully dismantled, water tank was filled with disinfectants or any other liquids, Damages or Defects to the product were caused by improper use, improper installation


The following parts are not covered by warranty: dust boxes, water tanks, mop brakets, mop cloths, side brushes, roller brushes, dust filters, dust bags, batteries and accumulators.

Free repair or replacement is provided only if product has manufacturing defect. For all other reasons repair fees, replacement part’s cost and shipping charges are beared by customer.

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